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Creative Entrepreneurship

Running Monthly - Up to 8 participants

From £380

No prior experience needed


Professional brand strategist Oliver Murphy takes us through his personal approach to building a personal creative brand and attracting customers naturally using your innate authenticity.

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From mindset, defining your niche, strengthened messaging, optimised digital presence - We offer personalised, yet proven support that transforms how you attract consistent customers who share your values.
  • What are you specialities?
    We are a multidisciplinary, strategic, creative and marketing office working with passionate independent brands to define their place in the world within fashion, lifestyle, furniture, interiors, design and architecture. We turn businesses into desirable brands that grow demand, through curated research, re-aligned values, differentiated positioning, joyful graphic design systems, strengthened messaging and uncomplicated marketing that works to convert into customers across websites, retail, social and press. We collaborate closely with design-led founders and CEOs through structured consultancy, compassionate 121 coaching or ad-hoc commissions, to help plan and build valuable legacy brands that get noticed, foster lasting culture, nurture trust and purposeful engagement, and attract relevant investment.
  • Which industries have you worked in?
    I have worked across tech, retail, advertising, television, hospitality, health foods, outdoor clothing, bitcoin, children's media, furniture, property, consumer credit and fashion. I like to think of ourselves as industry agnostic as design and brand problems occur in every business. ​
  • Are we too early for your services
    No! We help founders at every stage of their business growth. From new or first time founders shaping the vision of their product, right to scale-up in full growth mode - who want to optimise their ad spend with better creative and messaging to build greater trust and differentiation amongst competition. If you're looking to find more customers in your business, we have ways we can help. Whatever your buget.
  • What are your prices?
    We have budgets for all sorts of projects, brands and desired outcomes, depending on the results you are looking to achieve. Usually brands come to us as they are struggling to communicate, covert or close the right number customers across their funnel, in order to grow. Some clients we work with have spent £30-50k with us over two years and others have spent £500 for a quick UX/UI fix. We will always endeavour to help you achieve the customers or sales you are looking for at a budget that seems fair.
  • Where are you based?
    Our office is in Haggerston, East London. You are more than welcome to come and visit us for a coffee. We work globally with clients in France, USA, Japan, Australia, Portugal and Phillippines.
  • Who have you worked with?
    My clients are some of the biggest leaders in their markets including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia and I have helped them build memorable brands that bring measured return on investment. I also have 10 years experience working with London agencies including Saatchi & Saachi, GREY, Landor & Fitch and Bow&Arrow, all specialising in advertising, consulting, design innovation, brand development and communication. I have also lived in Japan, Argentina, Switzerland and Denmark all before the age of 30.
  • Are you guys quick?
    Yes, but we don't rush your work. We have developed and implemented quick and easy systems for quick ROI (less than 48hrs). Depending on your brief. Skip thousands of wasted attempts looking for multiple designers to do the job or not quite understanding your brand vision.
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