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Hey, I am Oliver.
A brand growth and product focussed design consultant who has lived in Copenhagen, Tokyo & Switzerland, but is now based in London.

My experience and deep understanding of consumer trends, brand & market positioning, design identity, product development and emerging strategies to market give me a fully rounded understanding for what it takes to help growing brands get noticed, attract investment, ​foster ​meaningful culture, ​trust and engagement. I have even won a couple of awards along the way.


From my experience with London agencies including Saatchi & Saachi, GREY, Landor & Fitch and Bow&Arrow, I have worked across tech, retail, advertising, television, hospitality, health foods, outdoor clothing, bitcoin, children's media and fashion. I have also founded a made-to-order, flat pack furniture brand.

My clients are some of the biggest leaders in their markets including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia and I have helped them build memorable brands that bring measured return on investment.

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​I have worked with some great brands over the years

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