Hello, I am Oliver. A brand consultant based in London who has been defining brands for over 10 years.


My experience and deep understanding of consumer trends, brand positioning, design identity and emerging strategies to market give me a fully rounded understanding for what it takes to help growing brands get noticed, attract investment, ​foster ​meaningful culture, ​trust and engagement.


From my experience with London agencies including Saatchi & Saachi, GREY, Landor & Fitch and Bow&Arrow, I have worked across tech, retail, advertising, television, hospitality, health foods, outdoor clothing, bitcoin, children's media and fashion. I have even set up my own small furniture brand! So I am a founder myself.

My clients are some of the biggest leaders in their markets including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia and I have helped them build memorable brands that bring measured return on investment.

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​I have worked with some great brands over the years