YouMeCar enables you to own a car with friends, family or neighbours and split the subscription between the group, saving money, cutting costs - and waste. 


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Design a strong and cohesive identity to give YouMeCar status and cut-through in the car/mobility space, whilst clearly communicating the idea of fractional (shared) car ‘ownership’ and appealing to a broad set of customers.


A simple icon based word marque that can be divided into segments adapted for different uses. From the in-app experience to the gift box for your new car keys, the brand focusses on the notion of sharing, and the future of car ownership.

Fractional car ownership

The brand's identity revolves around segments of a circle, representing fractions of ownership.

Each different group creates a different fragmented circle. As a result, the brand becomes own-able amongst users as they watch their circle change as new members come and go, or as they adjust their share of the car.

The brand was designed to feel at home both on an app screen as well as out of home advertising. The idea around sharing was put forward through all communications and the segment device allows for this feature to be front and centre of the brand identity.
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