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Still Life Brewing 

Still life is an experimental 'hedgerow only' natural brewing project. Born from a period of enforced mass slow-living, it celebrates the conscious and resourceful style of living. A Still Life.


Brand, Packaging


Self Initiated


Oliver Murphy





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This self initiated project was created to encourage people to step back and consider living the 'Still Life' during and after the COVID-19 zeitgeist. The brand promotes a message of slowing down and participating in a more slow and simple existence that is better for us and the earth. Still Life forces us to connect better with what is already right in front of us.


A psychedelic treatment lent itself to the way everyone became that little bit more 'hippie' in 2020. Allowing their hair to grow longer, becoming more spiritually aware for others and the earth, as well as getting in touch with their creativity once more. The brands message of living slow is captured through a series of still-life drawings on each bottle.


Hedgerow Brewing

All of Still life's brews are gathered from local surroundings in the English county of Berkshire. From Nettle Beer, Elderflower Pet Nat (Naturally Sparkling Wine) or Plum Wine - all drinks take time to preserve, ferment and settle before they are ready to drink.

The brand aesthetic was inspired by another era of new lifestyle change. The psychedelic music and art of the 1960/70's, namely Cream and Sergeant Peppers, provide the perfect musical accompaniment to a hazy sun down evening in the garden.
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Whilst this project was self funded and not commercial. If you enjoyed it, please consider making a small donation to The Countryside Charity who are playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency local to you, as well as promoting the benefits of nature for more positive mental wellbeing.

Oliver Murphy, OM_D Director

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