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Through an intimate collective of likeminded creatives, we come together weekly over the course of four weeks to help you answer questions such as:


I also offer an intimate group setting programme to help shape how you find more of the customers you love for the next 5+yrs  in <1mo

2hr weekly group call
1hr  weekly 1-2-1 session






This space is perfect for those not ready to commit to 121 coaching tailored to their business and prefer progressing in a setting where your success is everyone elses success. Together you'll have the opportunity to get a broad sense of all the areas we cover and learn from other likeminded creatives and their work practices.

Creative Collective - Guided Group Coaching

  • This is for you if you are:

    • Freelance Creative or Small Creative Studio

    • Hit a plateau - and eager to map out the next 5+ years

    • Relying mostly on word or mouth or long standing clients - feast or famine income

    • Not sure how to communicate true value to clients - to charge higher value based fees

    • Know you bring a certain level of strategic brand input - but you are losing out to proposals often

    • Missing consistency and predictability in your income/revenue - with no plan forward

    • Don't have enough work to expand the business - or profit grow a team/outsource work

    • Struggling to differentiate services from other creatives - but still sound the same

    • Ready to commit to a new system of finding clients


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