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Expression of An Architect

Hugo Hardy is a RIBA/Arb chartered UK Architect who grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Expression of an Architect showcases projects throughout the first ten years of practice, marking a milestone in the development of his Architectural thinking.


Print & Editorial






Design a layout that compliments the process and designs of Hugo Hardy's body of work. Showcase projects and thinking through a series of project musings and imagery, all to be prepared for printing and publication.


A gridded layout that drew reference from the geometry and site lines of Hugo's plans. Paper choices were considered and matched the textures and materials used throughout his work. The colour palette references details throughout his office - bringing through a sense of personality.

Spread 1.png
Spread 2.png

Revealing Materials

The books cover used a light cardboard quarter-bound by a hard wearing fabric. A subtle nod to the exposure of materials and construction methods used throughout Hugo's work.

The de-bossed title added an extra level of consideration and detail to the front cover.

Each project features a translucent bible paper pull-out that showcases plans and diagrams, bringing a more tactile feel to the project.


Photography: Hugo Hardy, Siobhán Doran, Andy Spain
Print Production: Pulsio Print               

Oliver was given a free creative hand to produce this book with only the odd minor comment here and there. He has achieved success in a simple, elegant and coherent design. It was a pleasure to work with him.

-  Hugo Hardy, Director & Founder

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