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SLOWE Living™

So often a second bedroom sits dormant or unused for most of its life until friends and family come to stay. SLOWE Living make quick to assemble spacious day bed sofas, that pull out to a comfortable double bed. Made to order by hand in limited batches/per season.


Art Direction, Advertising & Creative





Brief Insight 

Rest seems to have become a scarce commodity lately. With our society leading us to believe we’re only useful when we’re busy, and to feel "unproductive" or “guilty” if we're not. We spotted an opportunity to be the antithesis to the Just Do It “productivity culture”.

Creative Response

A fully developed brand identity that isn’t just about making furniture but something for people that are looking for a more care free approach to life. Not always needing to orientate life around work and achievement. Without the modern po-faced seriousness of always trying to find the present. 

Find Comfort In Less

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Posters, Advertising & Activation

We continue to evolve a series  whimsical mid century inspired posters and social content that can be used both online and in real life activation that communicate the idea of a life with more leisure.

Give them something good to sleep on

The culture of immediacy and rapid production seems to be the downfall of furniture businesses lately. We instead choose to design SLOWE Living as timeless and functional brand, fit for curious modern homemakers, looking to invest in beautiful pieces that contribute to an improved sense of interior wellbeing.

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