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Breaking Barriers, Tokyo

Back in 2017 I hosted a design event in central Tokyo, with the aim to get people from all industries discussing how design can help Japanese export within design, home and fashion. 


Poster Design


Self Published






Design a layout that compliments the process and designs of Hugo Hardy's body of work. Showcase projects and thinking through a series of project musings and imagery, all to be prepared for printing and publication.


A gridded layout that drew reference from the geometry and site lines of Hugo's plans. Paper choices were considered and matched the textures and materials used throughout his work. The colour palette references details throughout his office - bringing through a sense of personality.

Green 2.png
Risograph printed in Tokyo on Washi paper with soy ink. The design pays homage to my interest in Japanese craft. In this instance the traditional Chōchin lantern represents the globe. With Japan in the East and the UK in the West - the sun rises over each respective country on both posters. Both posters are translated into Japanese and English.
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