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AYR is a vape device designed to help smokers take those all-important first steps away from tobacco and towards a nicotine-free life. The integrated app helps users set goals and manage their daily intake whilst tracking all their progress. 


Brand Visuals







NEWVape Ayr Booklet.png


AYR required a brand language that seamlessly worked across both their in-app experience and product offer that felt consistent across web, packaging and UX/UI. Promoting feelings of calm, ease of use and clarity to help customers feel in control.


We evolved AYR's first logo and font attempt into a complete brand expression that could easily be used across advertising, social and B2B marketing. Promoting a holistic brand look, that was clear to customers what benefits the product offered to them.

Vape Ayr Booklet2.png
Vape Ayr Booklet.png
Vape Ayr Booklet4.png
The brand language was extended beyond just a logo into bespoke designs that clearly represented AYR's features, that can be featured across packaging and online.
Vape Ayr Booklet16.png
Vape Ayr Booklet16.png
Vape Ayr Booklet11.png
Glow Down
Know exactly how much you vape

The unique Glow-down feature re-creates the same experience that avoids unchecked grazing and enables you to accurately track usage.  We designed a series of sleek and tech-focussed brand visuals to help articulate this unique feature.

A feeling of weightlessness

We designed visuals that could quickly articulate the lighter feeling or using AYR over smoking or vaping. The AYR App lets you match the nicotine content to your current brand of cigarettes, set your goal and enable you to track your progress.

Vape Ayr Booklet15.png
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