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Why you should not hold off from branding your startup early on! Get a head start!

Updated: May 30, 2022

Branding can be amorphous at the best of times..

But what if just making subtle tweaks to your visual online presence can shift your sign up rates in the right direction?

💥 Question! Is your online messaging really that distinctive or effective at communicating your offer to your audience and converting them to customers?

📲 How many signups or new customers have you had in the last 7 days?

When you're trying to scale your product online, "What is the point of sending traffic to your site if it doesn't represent you or your unique value efficiently enough?

By focussing on communicating how your messaging connects with your audience(s) across a distinctive presence - we fine tune and test your brand to increase downloads/sign-ups and convert more of them into customers! Not just look pretty.

There are only 3 things you need to optimise your brand messaging and presence to consistently engage your audience and convert them into users:

1. Communicate your value effectively with your audience across the areas where conversion actually happens. Sounds simple.

2. Present your offer beautifully (in their eyes) to become more distinct against competitors and relevant in your audience's minds, unlocking better understanding and wider engagement potential.

3. Engage your audience at a human level, where downloads and purchasing decisions really happen. There is far too much brand noise out there for you to get lost in.

Literally, EVERYTHING ELSE is a distraction.

If your current company image is outdated or unchanged from the initial launch, looks unprofessional and doesn't represent your offer properly…

...and you are ready to test and build out a stronger brand strategy that can increases engagement and conversion.

See what Harry from Pluto had to say about working with us..

If you're ready to evolve your brand to have better ROI on your marketing, get in touch here to learn more about how we can help:

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