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Who said branding can't produce measured ROI?

I keep hearing directly from brand agency owners themselves that branding can't get results - it's too intangible... Something along the lines of:

"Brand design is so amorphous and results and improvements to business are so subjective - but we do have a great unique process. Would you like our creds deck?".

A process like every other agency!

I mean it doesn't get any more vague and disconcerting.

Who's heard this before? And who really cares about the agency process?

As a result there is so much skepticism around the word "brand" I've almost fallen out of love with it myself - and avoid using it altogether.

However, I strongly contest this notion.

- We've helped the smallest of companies build a reputation in the biggest of markets; where they were always the outsider.

- We've helped incumbent and institutional insurance firms become relevant to a millennial audience who would never buy their products.

- We've helped businesses that were months away from shutting down; grow a replenished customer base that wasn't previously engaged.

- We've helped businesses double their prices after years of underselling, as their perceived product value customers were prepared to pay, transformed overnight.

- We've helped companies build the trust needed to engage customers with an audience that was previously out of reach.

- We've helped small tech firms steal market share directly from software giants.

- We have given founders the tools to sell their product with confidence, and land customers they could only have hoped for.

- We've helped companies who have struggled to connect with a new audience or market as their product offer has had to pivot quickly since the pandemic.

In a nutshell, we look to help determined and passionate businesses with amazing ideas communicate them beautifully and intuitively, become more relevant, charge what they deserve and grow an audience that converts to more customers.

I'm looking to get to know founders that are experiencing unusual, interesting and complex business challenges, and are as skeptical of the word "B&@£D” just as much as I am.

#notbranding #realcreds

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