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How to get better brand exposure before investment...

Updated: May 27, 2022

Consequently smaller companies are very limited in space to convey what they do, to their potential customers.

Hence why brands need to work harder to communicate their values and mission through engaging brand touch points (social, website, advertising and merch).

So how do you make your brand work for your company size and budget?


There’s only so much time we have to grab a customers' attention on-pack and online.

So be sure to engage them on your mission and values through offline brand applications, illustrative content, and personal human experiences wherever possible.

On digital - think about using things like loading screens, hover features, instagram highlight icons to help build in brand nuances that provoke the desired emotion, and reinforce your company mission and values at every turn.

It is always worth checking that your brand is provoking the emotions and curiosity around your values, to help trigger your audience to to learn more about your product/service's benefits.

Lifestyle and travel app, Pluto understands its customers are environmentally conscious and gifted Pluto branded Swell bottles to their community of travel lovers.

How can you reinforce your brand loyalty and awareness on-and-offline?

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