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Could your tech product do with a few more customers?

Or are VC's saying "This one isn't for us I'm afraid - keep in touch"?

Back to the drawing board then :(

In the early days as you juggle building what YOU feel are useful features, for a slightly foggy user/customer profile - and attempt to acquire more paying customers needed to scale up, it can be hugely disorienting and frustrating when enough people (or the right people) can't find a use for the product you're building.

It can feel like such a struggle to keep pushing through after rejection after rejection.

Pivoting and weaving through the lonely uncertainty of the early-startup world.

But often, there is nothing wrong with your actual product and its features (or the tech).

*Sometimes there is.

Customers aren't convinced or know how your product can change their lives.

Your customer just isn't saying "Oh my god - this is exactly for me! Where do I sign up?"

They can and will, with effective messaging and positioning.

When you're trying to scale customers, there is little point sending traffic to a site with messaging that doesn't position or SELL your product efficiently?

It should be selling the value of your offer intuitively and convert new users in the exact market you need to grow in.

So you can onboard more of the right customers, and see the business you're building flourish.

I have spent a lot of time building a DIY product positioning workshop (with a video walkthrough), specifically designed to troubleshoot early-stage founders feeling a little dysphoria with their positioning. From the comfort of their WFH office.

It answers the crucial questions that will help you to communicate and SELL your product as an offer that your ideal market truly NEEDS…

No - it isn't a brand overhaul!

Yes - you're logo is fine

No - it isn't a time consuming, costly retainer!

Yes - the workshop is free

No - you don't need to invest in design (yet!)

Yes - I guarantee you'll be clearer on what to say to who

No - I am not an agency

Feel free to DM me if you're struggling with getting customers to sign-up and I'll ping it over in the chat.

*I'll also offer a free 45min product positioning review to the first three people that DM.

WARNING: Please don't invest in a transaction based designer or freelancer to have a stab at your brand - without knowing exactly who needs to buy your product - and what they really want!

Complete these questions before you start and you'll have a much better chance at living with a brand that actually converts, and won't need pivoting again at greater cost.

If you feel weak branding is holding your business back from connecting with your audience or future investors then feel free to grab a slot to chat though the problems here:

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