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A designers job is not design!

Updated: May 27, 2022

What the hell is it then? What am I paying them for?

Let me start by saying - designers absolutely are there to get the most out of your business's visual communication.

However we often overlook that design is a process of questions and answers. A game or Marco Polo in terms of hypothesising a certain thought(s)/assumptions and testing it with your audience. Then iterating design options to find the best response.

When did you last go through and A-B test with your brand?

Designers can't produce effective and engaging visual design without understanding the result or impact that that piece of design is aiming to achieve.

For example, take a social ad. First and foremost brand recognisability should be the stand out lasting impression on your audience. Even if they don't read or engage with it, the colours, type and brand presence should all leave a lasting impression as they scroll or walk on by.

This cements recognisability, visibility and awareness - that you're there, ready for when they might need you.

With YouMeCar we explored different colour themes that didn't exist in the ownership or mobility space and a human relatable typeface that was approachable to anyone.

We looked at what suggests 'segmented car ownership' and created a graphic device that could become own-able and distinctive within out of home advertising. A pie chart that breaks up and responds to each car club group. Within a neighbourhood their could be any number of unique circles (pie charts).

The shape belongs to them which also brings the audience closer to the brand as they feel part of something. This flexibility in brand assets is something any brand can achieve with the right understanding of customer segmentation and their needs and asking the right questions.

So how do we actually get your customers to remember us?

We HAVE to spend time getting to know you the customer in those early moments. There is no point pretending we understand the client right from the get go!

Your brand should constantly reinforce your brand emotion and benefits, for when customers are ready to buy - your brand mark comes to the surface of their mind. Secondly, good copywriting and charismatic tone of voice, cements a personal element and understanding of the audience's pain, needs and desires of the audience you’re serving. Brand positioning takes time and rigour to understand the ins and outs of your business structure, customer preferences, desires and market competition. Living in your shoes, asking the right questions. Sometimes obvious ones… Sometimes they are awkward ones. Questions that founders didn’t know were needed or were even relevant. Getting under the skin of company culture, what drives you and what drives your customers to engage is absolutely paramount. I like to think I become a method actor for the time I’m working with clients. (Not Shia LaBeouf though!) I do this to unlock insights about the brand challenges that even CEO’s haven’t discovered. Want to learn more about how branding can help engage more customers?. Book a call here #brandimpact #branddesign


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