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Brand Clarity: Level up for growth

Be the brand your

customers truly understand

and love to use

​I help companies ​​articulate their ​awesome product features into a clear relatable 'story-brand' that customers and investors love.

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Disorientated by brand positioning? 

❌ Is there internal disagreement regarding ​your brand ​mission mak​ing for a ​​frustrating and disorientating brand process​?​

❌​ ​​Are you too focused on tech and features​,​ and forgetting​ to communicate​ ​how your product can ​truly ​benefit ​customers?

❌ Are you finding you don’t have the time to focus on branding as there are more pressing issues that bring in revenue?

❌ Are you going around in circles in-house defining your company's brand positioning, purpose and mission?

❌ Have you not invested enough time to clearly articulate your brand standards for your company?


“We went from a brand that we’d really fallen out of love and was confusing customers, to one that everyone who sees, loves engaging with”


              A frictionless and strategic brand transformation program specifically designed to help startup founders easily level up for growth and investment, by communicating their product advantage and dialling in on their brand positioning -freeing up time and clarifying brand market fit for customers and investors. 

Everything Your Brand Needs

Trying to attract new customers or investment today, with amateur branded materials and you'll never be taken seriously. Any brand can dispel product confusion, gain market distinction and measurable engagement by paying attention to four key areas. 

Become a customer-first brand equipped for digital growth in the next 90 days

The details that make a difference

Results to expect from the program

✅  Dispel ​any ​customer confusion ​about your brand ​​with a proposition and identity that focuses on (1) simplicity (2) clarity, and (3) unity.

✅ Embellish your unique product features that distinguish you as formidable and credible to your customers and investors.

✅ Make your small company look BIG with polished, coherent identity that industry press will sit up and listen to.

✅ Save time, money and frustration with an easy to follow and step-by-step brand positioning process that can be done in days (not months). 

✅ Align teams with easy to manage brand guidelines that make upholding consistency a piece of cake.


✅ Become digitally competitive as your identity is transformed to work seamlessly across all your web applications ready for growth.


Don't believe it?

Hear it from founders like you that have been through the program

"Give Oliver a brief and he will always come up with something fresh, original and commercial. Whether it's brand, packaging or web, he has all the necessary skills to communicate and deliver the idea. He is quick to understand a brief and most importantly, is not afraid to challenge it."

-  Dan BlackBlack + Blum

"It was a joy working with Oliver. I was hugely impressed with how he took a challenging brief and his interpretation of our positioning, philosophy and personality and quickly crafted something we instantly fell in love with. He did a great job finding the balance between interpreting our demands and guiding us with his creative expertise and experience. The result is a brand that everyone who's seen has loved."

-  Harry Williams, Pluto Insurance

Thank you so much Olly, We got our brand out just in time! We even got two sales from people within the first morning of launch. Both very happy customers.

-  Rebecca SearsWindsor Carriages 

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